Today was a bit of a rough morning.  Everything started out normal but when it came time for me to turn the music on, Rip didn’t want me to.  For the past 2 days, as soon as the music came on Rip has been getting to his room and getting dressed.  Today, he wasn’t so interested.  I did remind him when the last song started that we would be going to school at the end of the song.  He ran up to me and said “No mommy!  I need you to start the 3 songs over!!”.

No such luck.  At the end of the song I gently walked Rip out to the car (where his clothes were waiting).  He pretty much was in a foul mood by now.  There was lots of  “I don’t like this shirt!  I want my red shirt! Go get it!”.  After a few minutes of not getting dressed, I let him know that I was going to start driving in 1 minute if he would like to sit down and get buckled.  I did have to put the car in gear and drive a short bit before he was willing to put his clothes on.  Ok, at least we’re dressed.  Unfortunately he still had no idea he didn’t have his backpack, snack or lunch with him (school folder was in the car left over from Tuesday afternoon).

Rip did remember his backpack about 10 seconds after he got out of the car.  It was at that point I had to pick up the screaming/crying 5 year old and carry him to school.  I did notice that not a single tear had come from his eyes so I can’t tell if he has some tear duct malfunction or if he was fake crying.  I’m inclined to believe it was the latter.

Drop off at the classroom was a little challenging as well.  Lot’s of “Don’t go mommy!” and clinging on to me for dear life.  Thankfully there was another boy coming in the classroom clinging to his mommy as well.  I was able to say to Rip, “Look, Cody is having a sad day too.”  That seemed to calm Rip down and he sat in his chair and let me go.  As I was leaving the room, I let the teacher know Rip wouldn’t have lunch/snack for today.  I couldn’t quite tell if I was given the evil eye or not.  I was feeling pretty bad at that point so I’m thinking yes, there was a definite evil eye coming from the teacher.  Oh well, she’s only in my life for this one year.  Rip is in my life forever…and he is WAY more important!