So Friday night, Kirk and I spent quite some time going through all the stuff we learned, boning up on lesson/week two and planning our next steps.

Our plan was to have a quick meeting letting the kids know what we learned, celebrate some accomplishments and then have the entire family contribute to cleaning up the absolutely AMAZING mess that had been created over the past week.  Well, the meeting started off a little rough – Rip wasn’t too interested in participating and Riley only lasted 30 seconds.  The wheels fell off the cart when we brought up cleaning up toys 5 days in a row in order to earn TV time.  Rip wanted NOTHING to do with that and after a week of almost no hitting on Rip’s part, he started pummeling my poor left shoulder and then left the room.  Kirk and I thought about what we said from his perspective and decide we should invite him into the process…maybe he had a better suggestion on how to tackle the clean up.  He didn’t have any suggestions and wanted nothing to do “with the silly meeting, or silly contributions!”

Kirk and I let it go with that.  We did welcome the kids to help us pick up and let them know that we were going to go celebrate our successes over the past week with some ice cream and that if we all chipped in together, the clean up would go faster and we could get ice cream faster.  Apparently our kids have the patience of saints and decided that they would gladly wait until Kirk and I had completed ALL of the clean up before getting treated to ice cream.  We spent a good 3 hours getting our house back in order.

After a little more thought, I asked Rip if he thought cleaning up toys right before watching tv was fair.  He seemed amenable to that so our new goal is to have toys/dishes put away in order for the tv to get turned on.  Results for day 1:  dinner dishes were taken to the kitchen by Rip (Riley elected not to).  Toys, not put away.  Zero tv.

Our other thing we implemented was bedtime.  Kirk and I will make ourselves available for books/songs from 7 – 7:15.  In order for us to be available, Rip must have on pull ups, PJs and have brushed his teeth. Day 1 with this was mostly a success.  He was ready to go, we did books and then he wanted to play games.  I reminded him that my time was up and was leaving.  Unfortunately, after I left Rip’s room, so did he.  I’m thinking he just wasn’t tired enough…he didn’t get much exercise today as Kirk and I spent so much time cleaning the house.  We’ll see how it goes tomorrow night after a day of school – that seems to tire him out pretty quickly.

What we aren’t clear on is how to deal with the no picking up.  We haven’t reverted back to our interfering strategies (reminding, nagging, etc..) but we’re not really sure where to go with this.  Next week’s lesson is timeline for training so maybe that will help us figure out what to do.

Meanwhile, this week Kirk and I are focusing on identifying our activating events – things that make our blood pressure go from zero to 100 in a heart beat. We’ve already identified a few but I’m sure more will pop up this week.