Another relatively smooth morning today.   Ripken and I did our new wake up to reading books routine, then he went out to play with Riley in the playroom until Kristin started the music at 7:15.  He zoomed back to his room and came out 10 minutes later fully dressed asking for breakfast.  I reminded him where his cereal was and then went into the office to get my stuff ready for work.  When I came back out, he was sitting at the table having a big bowl of honey nut cheerios.   At 7:30, I told him I was ready to go and would be waiting for him in the car.  He started heading over towards the garage door, then stopped and said “hey, I need my backpack”.  Kristin gave him a high five for remembering and then it was off to school.  

And the dropoff at school went incredibly smooth as well.  We had a nice conversation walking from the car (he was telling me about the homework he had last night).  We crossed the street to his school just as the first bell rang, and stood patiently in line until the second bell rang.  When we got to his classroom, he hung his backpack up, took his folder and snack out, and went in to his class – without even stopping to say goodbye.   I took a peek in the window and he was sitting at his desk with his folder open, ready to start his day.  Nice!