Well, I knew there would be peaks and valleys as we progressed through the program.   Yesterday morning was definitely a peak, while last night was definitely a valley…although not as deep of a valley as we have seen before.

Both Rip and I were tired yesterday and it definitely showed by late afternoon.  Rip started getting a little more physical (pushing, play hitting, etc..) and I had little patience for it.  Although I did not revert back to any interfering strategies, I’m sure my body language and facial expressions were less than enhancing.

Dinner time was just ok.  Rip was very fidgity and wanting to bother Riley while she was eating.  Rip didn’t want to eat any of his dinner so he kindly removed himself and his dishes after just a few minutes of pushing the food around.  The real trouble began after bath time.  Rip decided he wanted to watch an episode of Arthur and we had run out of time to do that (kids have to have their toys picked up by 6:15 in order to watch TV before bed).  Now, on Rip’s defense, I didn’t give a reminder (interfering strategy) but he doesn’t know how to tell time and we haven’t implemented a system to let him know it’s toy pick up time.  So, after being disappointed about the TV, Rip starts hitting me.  Riley and I retreat to the locked bathroom (only room with a lock) and hide out for a few minutes.  Ok, so here’s some progress…Rip would normally be banging on the door and screaming.  This time, he just went to his room.  I actually was only in the bathroom a few minutes and when I came out, Rip said he was ready for books.

It was about that time that Kirk came home to help manage our somewhat rocky evening.  Thank goodness, because I was done…exhausted…in need of some down time.  And really, the evening wasn’t that bad, it was more of me being awfully tired.

Ok, so we all sleep through the night, get some good rest and wake up.  Morning goes just ok.  Rip is taking a little longer to get ready and ended up forgetting his backpack (with lunch, snack and folder).  He also decided to wear his spiderman snow boots (which have to be at least 1 size too small) to school.  Despite the no backpack, Kirk said the drop off at school went rather well.  They walked a lap together, had a nice conversation and Rip introduced his girlfriend to Kirk.  Not once did Rip remember that he had forgotten his backpack so that made it easy on Kirk – no melt downs.  Will be interesting to see if Rip has anything to say about that this afternoon.  So far he hasn’t really been wanting to open up about what goes on at school or talk about what would work for him in getting ready for school – or anything else for that matter.

Riley is still in training mode.  Today as we were playing, she voluntarily put away each toy when she was done playing with it…that was nice!  She still doesn’t have any interest in taking her dishes from the table to the kitchen.  She used to do this but is pretty against it right now.