Just wanted to share some of the positive changes that have been taking place in our house:

1.  Morning Routines – although these aren’t super smooth, they are AMAZINGLY better than they were just a few short weeks ago.  Before we started this program, everyone was tense, angry and pretty much starting the day off in a terrible way.  Now, we are all pretty relaxed in the morning (parents still have a little work to do) and all are managing themselves.    We still have to wake Rip up but we’ll address that in our Timeline for Training.  We still have to turn music on to let Rip know it’s almost time to go to school but that’s just a matter of Rip learning how to tell time.  Rip is managing his getting dressed, breakfast and backpack.  And getting into the car with little to no noodling.  Riley on the other hand is becoming a master at making scrambled eggs.  If I didn’t see this for myself every day, I would not believe a not-quite-2-yr old could accomplish this.  And before anyone calls CPS, Riley WANTS to do this every morning and NO she isn’t able to do everything by herself…yet.  I can’t wait to see what things look like 6 months from now!!

2.  Bedtime Routine – these are FABULOUS!!  I love bedtime now!  Riley is finally sleeping in her crib all night long.  She may wake up once in the middle of the night but goes back to sleep in her own bed…LOVE THIS!!  As soon as music starts playing, Rip is dashing into his room to get on PJs, brush his teeth and hop into bed for book time!  LOVE IT!!  Kirk and I are relaxed and feel like we actually have time (and energy) to spend with each other now.  This makes us such better parents!

3.  Clean Clothes – I’m still astounded by this one.  Rip put away his clean clothes yesterday…all by himself!!  I had even offered to help him since he has never done this before and getting him to participate in putting away clothes has always been a battle.  All by himself!!  You should see my face..still shows some shock.