Kirk and I met with Rip’s teacher this week to go over last week’s troublesome events and review, in more depth, what we are doing at home and how that may be contributing to events at school.

The meeting went OK.  Kirk did a fabulous job summarizing what we’re doing and why.  The teacher politely listened and provided some of her thoughts and insights.  I don’t think the teacher necessarily agrees with our approach.  She is under the impression Rip isn’t capable of taking on responsibility.  We completely disagree with her.  Just in the past few weeks Rip has very clearly demonstrated that he is incredibly capable.  I think his bigger issues are around what his role in this family is and self esteem.

All that being said, today on the school playground, one of Rip’s classmates was hanging from the monkey bars and called out to Rip “Rip, I bet you can do this!” in a fairly taunting manner.  Rip responded by saying “I know.  And I don’t care.”  My parent hear swelled with pride!  I saw confidence in Rip that I haven’t seen in a very long time.  And I felt like I had a glimpse into the future…Rip not falling for peer pressure.  Ok, yes, monkey bars and drugs/drinking are miles apart, but the confidence in Rip’s response made me think he’s going to do just fine in this world.

Tonight Kirk and I are going to start plotting out some training timelines.  The one thing this exercise will help us do is keep our expectations in check; to remember that learning new skills takes time, it won’t happen over night.  I’ll post some of our timelines later so we can check back in 6-7 months down the road to see how things are coming along.