Wow, today was a pretty good day.  Still have a few hours to go, but so far it’s been very pleasant.

Both kids woke up in a good mood and spent 20-30 minutes playing/reading.  Rip, Riley and I made scrambled eggs together.  This is the first time Rip has wanted to participate in making eggs and he’s practically a master at it already!  Rip asked Riley to go into his room and help him pick out his clothes.  This did slow down the process a bit but it was fabulous to see the two of them working together.  Then came time for leaving the house.  Rip was a little distracted but did manage to get to the car and out of the house on time – with backpack in tow.  The drop off at school went well too.

After school has gone well too.  Rip and Riley are both pretty tired (both have colds) so I have been letting them chill out in front of the TV.  In between shows Rip very easily went to his room and put his clean clothes away.  This is amazing because usually when he’s this tired, things go awry pretty easily/quickly.

On the Riley front, she too is participating a lot more. The area we have struggled with for her has been helping clean up.  However, all day today, she has very willingly been putting stuff in the trash can and putting some items away when she’s done.  She still has no desire to take her dishes from the table to the kitchen but we’ll get there.

Gotta love the good days like these.  I can see how if we keep moving in this direction days like this will be normal instead of the exception to the rule.

We’re supposed to be moving on to Week 4 of Parenting On Track but will most likely hold off on that because we’re a little behind on getting a first draft of a training timeline and we have Mimi and Bumpa coming in town tomorrow.  Will move to Week 4 this upcoming weekend.