Yesterday was had a bit of a rough start.  Riley was under the weather (cold accompanied by a mild fever).  Ripken, not happy about being awake.  Lots of ‘You’re a meanie! I’m not your friend EVER!”  And some hitting.  Now the hitting is definitely an activating event for me.  Especially with my parents getting to witness my child wailing on me with his fists.   However, I managed to keep my cool and just keep moving.  Rip’s mood didn’t really improve much until he was in the car and on his way to school.  Oh well, one bad morning out of a bunch of good ones is much improved from one good one out of a bunch of bad ones.

This morning was back to a nice peaceful morning.  I did realize that Rip hasn’t mastered the days of the week which hinders him in getting his library books back to school.  And, I suppose I saved him this morning as I started asking questions about what his class does on Fridays.  He did have a light bulb go off and realized he needed to take his library books back to school.  Now the big question is where do I go from here?  Something to think about today.