Ok, blogging while visitors are in town turned out to be a difficult task to squeeze in.  Mimi and Bumpa are now safe back in Michigan so we can get back to updating the world on our lives.

Overall Kirk & I have been feeling like our family is moving in the right direction.  Positive changes have been taking place.  However, we definitely felt ourselves sliding off track while Mimi and Bumpa were in town.  Definitely hard to keep up with any program when you feel like you’re on vacation, let alone keeping kids in reality mode when out of town grandparents visit…wanting to spend as much time with the grandkids as possible…and yes, that translates into doing for kids what they can do for themselves.  Personally, I’m fine with with the step backwards as the kids only get to spend time with the grandparents a couple times a year.  This particular visit was a little early in our jumping on board with Parenting On Track, but I am expecting the backwards steps to lessen as we get more and more entrenched in the program.

Ok, so we’re back to our normal routine and time to get moving forward again.  We have our list of skills to train the kids on over the next 6 – 8 months.  Need to put the training timeline together and then it’s on to Chapter 4:  Mistaken Behaviors.

Fun little note.  At this week’s family meeting Rip selected Laundry as his contribution.  I assumed that he meant just his laundry so I also selected laundry as my contribution.  Rip promptly said that was his contribution so I asked him if he wanted to do just his or everyone’s.  Rip said he wanted to do everyone’s.  Will wonders never cease!  Ok, so RIp hasn’t been trained on laundry except to carry his dirty clothes to the washer so I’m not expecting much…but hoping for a lot 🙂