I’ve finally put together at least a draft of a timeline for training.  Next steps will be to work out a plan to make the timeline happen.  Won’t have a good sense of whether or not this timeline is realistic until I start putting the plan together.  But I am feeling pretty good about seeing this training stuff…especially now that it’s written down.  Not sure how we expect to have our kids trained on everything if we never take the time to actually write it all down and put a plan behind it!  Being a project manager, you’d think I would have figured this out a LONG time ago!  Anyhow, here’s the timeline for Rip:

timeline for training_rip

And now for Riley:

timeline for training_riley

Ok, now only time will tell.  Things have been incredibly peaceful lately so I’m feeling incredibly optimistic.  We even started training Rip on laundry this weekend and he learned how to start the wash and fold his clothes…and was quite fine with doing it all.