Up until this week, Riley has not been the slightest bit interested in helping take her dishes from the dining table to the kitchen.  However on two separate occasions this week she has all on her own brought at least one dish to the kitchen!  I’m so excited!  It is very clear, though, if I ask her to do it, she will say “No!” and run away.

I’m sure her participation in helping with the family will become a more frequent event and am looking forward to watching it progress from 2 times a week to 2 times a day.  And now that I think about it, she did sit at the table for Family Meeting last week, so maybe we’re already up to 3 times a week 🙂

One thing I have noticed since I put together the training timeline is I am way more conscious and proactive about teaching the kids things.  For example, before I put together the timeline, I knew that Riley would be able to dress herself if I would just show her and let her practice.  However, I never showed her or let her take time or asked her to try.  Just one day after writing down a timeline, I was asking Riley to get dressed and dang if that girl can’t do almost all of it already!  She definitely needs practice and something about actually writing down the goals has me on track to letting her do just that.  Of course, yesterday and today Riley promptly got undressed as soon as we finished getting her dressed.  The girl just likes to be naked.

Meanwhile, things here have been quite enjoyable.  Rip and Riley have been getting along better than ever.  Rip is continuing to open up more about what he thinks.  This morning it was him telling me he prefers a dirty room to a clean one.  After asking some questions, what he meant was, he prefers to clean his room once a week vs. every day.   Currently his room is pretty messy, and after making the comment about liking a dirty room, he frantically searched for his $5 dollar bill which ended up under something on his floor.  I was hoping a light bulb would go off and he would want to clean his room….but no such luck.