Usually during our family meetings Rip appreciates us for eating a good dinner, or being nice to him, or something along those lines.  And not that those are real appreciations, but you can tell that he’s scrambling and not super interested in this part of the family meeting  Well, last night during our family meeting, Ripken came up with a heartfelt appreciation.  On our way home from karate I was trying to keep the kids awake in the car (they struggle to stay awake in the car during daylight, darkness is a KILLER!).  Anyhow, to keep them awake I was making up stories that turned into ghost stories.  And at the family meeting, Ripken said “I appreciate Mommy for telling me ghost stories.”  Totally took me by surprise!

One thing we have been doing to help all of us with appreciations is the appreciation board.  99% of the time it’s just Kirk and I writing down our appreciations, but I am making sure to run through the list with both Rip and Riley a couple days before family meeting.  Just trying to make sure that they know we are thinking about this on a daily basis…not just once a week at family meeting.  Definitely seems to be making an impact…that and everything else we’re doing!

Still working on the plan to implement our timeline for training.  Too tired tonight to move on to Chapter 4 – Mistaken Behaviors.  Will make sure to do that tomorrow and post our thoughts on Sunday.