I’m constantly amazed at how quickly Ripken can get past major disappointments.   This morning Rip and I made our weekly Costco visit, after a quick stop at Office Depot so that he could spend his allowance.   Unfortunately,  I ended up having to skip the usual hot dog and smoothie ritual – Rip was throwing a fit because we didn’t get the smoothie first before getting our shopping done.  By the time we got back to the car, he was out of control – screaming, crying, kicking, refusing to get in his booster seat.   I finally managed to get him buckled in, but he was majorly ticked off the whole way home – and was clearly still mad when we came inside.  

I gave Kristin a quick synopsis – she assured me he would be over it in no time, but I wasn’t so sure.    But after a couple of minutes, I went over to the playroom where he was playing with his new letter stickers from Office Depot.  I acted like nothing had happened, and very enthusiastically asked him what he was working on.  Sure enough, he answered just as enthusiastically “Daddy, do you want to play letters with me?”   

It’s so inspiring to see that our kids have no desire or interest in holding grudges when they don’t get something they want – and it shows me that I can learn from them just as much as they can learn from me.