So, much to my clean freaky sadness, Rip has decided that he doesn’t like to and isn’t willing to clean his room.  Now, his room at this moment looks at least as bad as it did during our Do Nothing, Say Nothing week:  clothes completely covering his floor, books scattered everywhere, toys mixed in between.  His room is bad enough that it is a bit tricky navigating to the bed without tripping.  Can be done, but it isn’t all that easy.

Anyhow, we clearly can’t keep nagging him to clean his room (interfering strategy) so I tried to brainstorm on what it would take for Rip to want to at least pick up his room a little bit.  I thought Rip wanting mom & dad to read him books at bed time would be an incentive so Kirk & I agreed that in order for us to read him books at night, his room had to be cleaned.  Now, we weren’t expecting him to have it spic and span, just clothes put away with a walkable path to his bed.  When I explained what we were going to do, he said, “Awwww…I guess I don’t need books.”  Man!  That so wasn’t the reaction I was hoping for!!

Tonight was the third night of this new ‘system’ and again, he chose not to clean up his room.  He did try hard to get us to read books (outside of his room, just look at pictures and not actually read, consider it a special night, etc…).  I think we’re going to give this another night or two and if the room cleaning thing doesn’t happen, we will have to re-evaluate.  Kirk and I both really enjoy our time reading with Rip and we don’t want to sacrifice that for a clean room.  We will just have to figure out what it will take for Rip to want to clean his room.

Meanwhile, Nanny Joan, if you’re reading this, beware of Ripken’s room!