Tonight at dinner, at a restaurant, I was feeling rather blissful about my family.  Here we were sitting at a table, in a restaurant, enjoying each others company.  No tantrums, no climbing under the table, no running around the restaurant, just an amazingly pleasant time hanging with my hubby and the 2 kiddos.  And I made sure to let my family know that I thought we had an “amazing little family unit.”  Kirk and Ripken immediately agreed with me.  Made my heart melt!

So the blissful feelings came on at the end of a rather pleasant weekend.  Friday night we did our movie/popcorn tradition which is a great way to wind down the week.  Saturday during the day was not as much fun as we spent quite a bit of time doing contributions but then Kirk & I took off for the night to enjoy his company’s holiday party.  Then Sunday came along and we headed to Seaworld where no tantrums took place.  This is quite a feat as Ripken LOVES to have people buy him stuff (a.k.a. junk food) at places such as Seaworld.  He did ask once and we explained that he is welcome to buy whatever he wants with his money but we bought the tickets to get in and we were done spending money there.  A little bit of whining, but Kirk and I caught ourselves and kept the mouths shut – no cheap drama for us thank you!!

As for our Parenting On Track progress, this week we are focusing on the Crucial C’s.  These “C’s” are going to help us connect with our children in a way that will make them want to be a part of the family.  Very simple in concept, but will be a bit of work on our part until it becomes ingrained in our lifestyles.  I did manage to practice a little bit on Saturday.  I had a TON of stuff to get done before the party and Rip was REALLY wanting me to play with him.  It took me a couple of tries but I did manage to get 3 of the 4 C’s into my conversation with Rip.  I am completely convinced that by doing that, it kept Rip from going into full meltdown mode because I wasn’t able to play with him at that moment.  Felt pretty damn good to see him not fall apart when he didn’t get his way.  I can definitely see how over time the “C’s” will move him towards participating more in the family.

Quick update on training.  Took some steps backward with Rip and his laundry.  I think I have it figured out though and, surprise, surprise, it’s probably my fault he stepped back.  All revved up and ready for training, I moved WAAAY too fast and put too much on him when it came to laundry.  So this week, I took back some ownership of the laundry and sure enough, he jumped back in and started helping out.