Rip had karate tonight and apparently his teacher told him to come back to the studio tonight for the Christmas potluck. Rip only remembered the details of 8pm and that he was supposed to come back.  I have known about the potluck but elected not to share the information with Rip because it took place so close to the kids bed time that it screamed meltdown waiting to happen.

Anyhow, Rip usually forgets about these things but not tonight.  As soon as we walked into the house he went to his room, picked up his clock and told me that 8 o’clock is when the little hand is on the 8 and the big hand is on the 12.  Also that I should hold the clock and keep looking at it so I didn’t forget.

When 7 o’clock rolled around I gave Rip the 20 minute warning and he promptly reminded me we had to go back to the studio because his teacher told him to.  Ugh!  I really thought he would forget!  I explained to Rip that it was just a potluck where people were bringing food to share.  He said he still wanted to go.  OK, fine, we’ll go.

We start heading to the car and Rip says “Mom!  Where’s the food?”  I explain that I hadn’t planned on going so I didn’t prepare any food to share.  Rip goes back into the house to get food.  He opens the refrigerator, grabs 1 cheese stick.  I ask if he thinks that will be enough and he says, “Yes.”

So my thinking in agreeing to go back to the karate studio is that Rip is tired and the kid CANNOT stay awake in the car so we may get 3 -4 miles before he falls asleep.  However, I am not taking chances that he will stay awake so I crank up the heat and put on some soothing music.  Sure enough, 1 mile away and he’s already had 3 BIG yawns.  By the next block, the thumb is in the mouth…it’s only a matter of time!  One more mile and I turned around and came home to put Rip sound asleep in his bed.

Now we’ll just have to see what he has to say about this tomorrow 🙂