Wow, the holidays really kept us busy this year!  Things have finally slowed down and I’m anxious to update everyone on how things have been going over here.  Lot’s of stuff so I’m going to bullet point and get back to my regular updates.

Last Lesson:  Crucial C’s.  Yep.  Love these.  I can confidently say I am regularly using these at least twice a day on both kids.  The funny thing is, I think Rip is starting to use some of them back on me!  One of my connecting sayings is something like “would be great if you could keep me company” and Rip often times comes to get me and let me know I could keep him company if I wanted.  Love it!

Training Update:

Overall things feel like they are moving forward in the right direction.  Ripken and I still tend to go down the rabitt hole but it’s less frequent and when it happens it’s not as severe and doesn’t last as long.  I used to think this was a revenge thing, but I’m thinking more and more it’s a power thing.  We’re working on it and still very much love each other when our heads clear.

Would love to point out how much more Rip is engaged in participating around the house.  (Ok, before I go any further, I swear everytime I verbalize this thought or write in the blog how things are moving along well, we hit a rough spot.  I’m hoping by saying that out loud the murphy’s law gods will spare me this time.)  Anyhow, Rip is helping with cleaning up the play room.  Part of this is due to training and part of it is him jumping in to participate in the family.  He’s also not putting up much resistance if I ask him to help with something.  He used to pitch a fit, moan and groan and not help.  Now he might give me one or two lines of whining and then pitch in.  Love it!

Riley:  oh my little spit fire.  She’s ready to tackle the world.  Doesn’t like being left behind on whatever her brother is/can do.  She is really a great example of how capable and willing kids are if we just give them the chance to learn and do.  I’m thinking of how she already bathes herself (including washing her hair).

Of course, implementing these relationship strategies on the second child brings along guilt for not using these strategies with Rip when he was younger.  I think we should be given some type of practice child (a robotic figure that seems real and we could somehow be temporarily emotionally attached so to make it seem authentic?)  That way, when we’re pulling our hair out several years into raising this practice child, we can discover Parenting On Track, turn in the ruined practice child and start again fresh with our own real child.  Is that too far fetched?

Ok, I digress.  Next on our agenda is Encouragement and Privileges and Responsibilities.  We’ve been on the Encouragement track for quite sometime but will do a refresher and move pretty quickly to P&R.  I’m looking forward to the P&R because we have presented our children with WAY too much P and not enough R.  Haven’t discussed this with Kirk yet but I have a nice long list of P’s.  Need to flush out some R’s and figure out how to implement without it seeming like we just did lockdown in a maximum security prison.