I’m so excited!!!  Rip managed to get ready for school on his own (no fussing) and to school on time!!  Seriously cannot remember when we made it to school more than 30 seconds before the final bell.  He has also taken to letting me drop him off at the curb (vs. walking him to class) and today as he jumped out of the car, with a smile on his face, he said “love you mom!”  This alone would make it a banner day…alas there is more.

Ate at a restaurant tonight.  By Thursday, I’m pretty done with cooking so tonight I made an executive decision and took the family out to eat.  On the way there, Rip reminded Kirk and I how he was very well behaved last time we ate out.  I thanked him for that and hoped that we could have a repeat performance.  Both Rip and Riley were FABULOUS!  Sat in their seats, ate all their dinners!  If we can do this one more time, I’d say that this could be a good trend!  Since we haven’t started privileges and responsibilities, I’d have to attribute this to everything else we have done up until this point in time.  And I do have to say that meals at home really are still quite a bit out of control so I fully expect we’ll factor that into the P&R.

Ok, final thing that I’m grateful for today:  Riley asked to get out of the tub (our tub is too tall for her to get out on her own), ran to her room and got her PJs on.  In the past I had always laid out her PJs, but clearly I didn’t need to be doing that as she managed just fine on her own.

And the cherry on top of all this was Kirk came home from a business trip today.  Great to have the family all back together again!