Yesterday afternoon I felt like I was fully in my element.  It’s been raining here all week so I haven’t felt like doing anything but curling up on the couch with a book and a wubie (a.k.a. blanket).  And yesterday, the kids and I were in sync.  They let me be on the couch while they played nicely…and on their own.  Dinner time was almost conflict free – just one minor incident where Rip wouldn’t keep his feet off of me while I ate so I kindly removed myself to another part of the table.  Rip did his contributions with no resistance (feed the dog and wipe down the dinner table post dinner).  Then Rip and I spent some time connecting while working in his activity book.  Bathtime was a breeze.  Rip easily and quickly put away his clean clothes.  Then the kids played together for 40 minutes without a single fight.  Wow…that was fabulous!  And my favorite part of the evening was when Rip hung out with Riley and me in Riley’s room while we read our bedtime books.  Normally Rip is disruptive at this time and we tend to go to the bad place quickly.  But last night, he sat in the room, looked at books quietly while I did my book time with Riley.  Completely enjoyable!  Got to go put that on the appreciation board when I’m done here!

Of course, all good things must come to an end.  Lately we have really been struggling with morning time/routine.  And this morning was a doozey!  Can’t figure out what’s going on here.  Need to reach out to Vicki in the Parenting On Track forum.  Hoping for some insight on what’s going on.

Oh, we also tried giving Riley her first allowance.  Rip was able to get her to join us at family meeting this week (Rip was the most excited about Riley getting money!)  However, Riley wasn’t all that interested as you can see here.

And last of all, here’s the most adorable picture of Riley.  That girl LOVES animals…you can just see it in her eyes:

Riley loving on the animals at the pet store.