Tonight we kicked off our privileges and responsibilities.  Last night Kirk and I sat down and brainstormed on what were privileges in our household and what were the corresponding responsibilities.  Actually, let me start by saying, we having provided our children with privileges that they are definitely not ready for.  So our goal in all of this is to get back on track and have our kids earn various privileges by SHOWING us they can handle them.

We’re starting slow and have selected TV/Computer/Video games as the privilege and the one responsibility associated with that is time management.  Our goal is to eliminate the fighting, arguing and “one-more-minuting” when it’s time to stop TV/computer/video games.  So, to earn the privilege, Rip has to show us that he can get to school on time for 5 days in a row.   Should he be late at any time during those 5 days, the counter starts back at 0.

We had a meeting with Rip to review our new system, get some feedback/input and officially let him know the P&R system starts tomorrow.  Rip wasn’t all that engaged but he did get the gist of what was going on…and then promptly declared he didn’t like the new system.  A bit of whining then he got up and left…to go play in his room.  I guess he wasn’t that upset.  Of course I fully expect a full rebellion tomorrow after school when he wants to watch TV or play on the computer (video games are a bit less of an issue).

Meanwhile, we had a spectacular weekend.  Rip & Riley have been getting along famously.  And here’s a little video just to show you a sample of how they like to hang out with each other.  LOVE the peace!!