Arrival at school:  17 minutes late.  Clock starts back to 0 (not that we actually got to 1)

I forgot to mention in last night’s post that I purchased a new alarm clock for Rip so we can start working on him waking himself up.  We spent some time going over the various buttons, showing him how to set the time, how to set the alarm.  He thanked me for getting him a new alarm clock – I’m not sure he was excited about getting something new or if he was really excited about getting a new alarm clock.  Jury is still out.

Morning arrives.  Alarm goes off.  Note to self, next time I need to pay more attention to what kind of alarm is associated with the clock.  This particular device has a very obnoxious alarm…with NO volume control…and this sucker is LOUD!  Actually, that’s probably a good thing for Rip because he really is a very deep sleeper.  The alarm goes off for probably almost a minute before it is shut off.  Kirk and I are together in the office so it must have been Rip.

I think I went in and told Rip I was just giving him a single reminder that today was the day to start count for getting to school on time in order to earn the privilege of TV/Computer/Video games.  I could feel that this was going to be a relatively stress free morning because I didn’t feel the pressure to get to school on time.  It’s on Rip’s shoulders.  AND, at the time we would need to leave to get to school on time, I was going to scoop him up and let him know he could get dressed in the car.

Sure enough, Rip played with Riley up until the moment I needed to scoop him up.  Although to his credit, a few minutes prior, he did tell Riley it was time for him to get dressed…and then he got distracted and went back to playing.  Anyhow, I scoop him into the car and it takes him 15 minutes to get dressed!  We are 10 minutes late before we even start driving!!  I had to keep reminding myself to breathe and not let the stress vibes head towards Rip as that would just distract him further.  On a positive note, there was NO fighting, sighing, yelling or stress at all this morning.  And, the attendance lady now knows Rip’s name and classroom so I don’t have to give it to her when we show up for a tardy slip 🙂

Ok, so how did Rip handle no TV/Computer/Video games today you ask?  Just fine.  Didn’t even ask for any of them…not even once.

On a side note, Riley elected to not get dessert tonight.  I could tell she was seriously torn, but not taking her dishes from the dinner table to the kitchen beat out a fresh bowl of jello.  Oh well, maybe next time.