Arrival at school:  10 minutes late.  Back to square 0.

I do want to share the conversation Rip and I had on the way into school today.

Rip:  Mommy, what are you going to put on the chart today?  (he means my tracking sheet of getting to school on time)

Mommy:  An ‘X’.  We’re about 8 minutes late right now.

Rip:  I’m never going to get to school on time!  I can’t do it!

Mommy:  I know you can do it!  You got to school on time 2 of the last three days.  And it’s about progress and improvement not being perfect.

a moment of silence then…

Rip:  I know, I just won’t eat breakfast in the morning then I’ll be able to get there on time.

Mommy:  You think that will help?

Rip:  Yes.  I’ll be able to get ready faster if I don’t have to eat.

Besides the internal freaking out about him not eating before going to school, I was feeling like this conversation showed progress.  Rip actually put some thought into what he could do to get to school on time.  Feeling pretty damn good about how this morning went.

As a side note, Rip slept pretty badly last night and woke up grumpy.  Kirk and I avoided any interfering strategies (reminding) and went about our normal routine of reminding him when there was 15 minutes left till time to go to school.  He realized he was hungry, ran and got dressed, ate some cereal, got majorly distracted, was late…and all with zero stress on anyone’s part.  I did have to have an conversation with myself about Rip learning how to be on time now is a much better than him learning it 10 years down the road.