Kirk & I had a ‘date’ a couple weeks back where we took the Parenting On Track Parenting Roadmap and used that as a planning tool for 2010.  It was great!  We actually identified the following goals for the year:

  • Financial (savings)
  • Vacations (my personal favorite)
  • Physical (how to stay healthy, lose weight, what races to run, etc..)
  • Kids (mostly kept to our timeline for training but added a couple other items like getting Rip off of training wheels)
  • Personal
  • Career

So not only did we set up these goals, but we used the Parenting On Track Roadmap philosophy to identify the steps we need to take to reach those goals.  It’s only been a few weeks but we are definitely moving in the right direction to reach our goals.  Very excited!  And how cool will it be to teach our children how to do this so they can be better planners!

By the way, our next chapter for Parenting On Track is Family Meetings.  We have been doing these for awhile and as soon as we refresh ourselves with the information I’ll post on how things are going in our household.