Just wanted to post that the flight with the 2 kiddos went AMAZINGLY well!  Both kids were extremely helpful getting through airport security…as a matter of fact they were so helpful, I’m pretty sure we got through in record time!  Then they were both very patient as we stood in line to get on the plane, each pulling their own ‘suitcases’ full of plane entertainment.  Seriously, this was a very relaxed and enjoyable airport experience.

The flight itself was easy.  Rip fell asleep about 10 minutes after takeoff.  Riley entertained herself with colors and books.  The only sketchy parts were takeoff and landing.  Riley does NOT like to be sitting down when the plane takes off or lands.  But we will work on that.

The visit with the family has also been pretty easy going.  The kids are getting along well (only 1 or 2 minor flare ups).  Feels funny, trying to think of some bad things and having trouble!  Sleep schedules are pretty whacked after having traveled through 3 time zones.  Not going to complain if that’s the worst thing 🙂

More updates later!