10.  We now know we can replace “No” with “Yes…as soon as…”

9.  For introducing us to the book “The New Global Student

8.  For teaching us how to identify why our kids act the way they do

7.  For bringing humor back into parenting

6.  For showing us how to have stress-free morning routines

5.  For giving us a format to appreciate family members on a regular basis

4.  For showing us how to be in relationship with our kids

3.  For teaching us to have radical faith in our kids and their abilities.

2.  For helping us discover that Riley, at just 2 years old, is a future chef in the making.

and the number 1 reason (at least for today…)…

1.  For 3 days in a row, Ripken woke himself up, got dressed, ate, brushed his teeth, packed his backpack and got to school on time!!!!

I had planned on posting that I was going to change my prediction on how long it would take for Rip to earn back TV/Video Games/Computer privileges from 4 weeks to 4 months.  Then he goes and decides that he is ready to get those privileges back and starts getting to school on time.  LOVE IT!  Not only is he now getting ready for school without any fuss, but he never once felt like the removal of TV/Video Games/computer was a punishment.  Simply associating those with a responsibility made the entire process smooth.   Ahhh…feeling good tonight!