Wow…can’t believe it’s been a month since the last update!  For the most part, everything is going amazingly well.  Kids are pretty engaged in the family and are participating more than ever.  I’m working on my training update but will have to post that next time as it isn’t quite done.

We’ve had 2 trip ups lately:  Ripken getting to school and Ripken and appreciations at family meetings.

The school thing we have been struggling with for quite some time.  I finally got in touch with Vicki to get some insight.  But first, let me say that Rip has come a long way since the beginning of school:

Beginning:  wouldn’t carry his backpack (too heavy – imagine whiny voice)
Now:  carries backpack no problem

Beginning:  couldn’t wake himself up
Now:  wakes himself up 95% of the time

Beginning:  wouldn’t put his lunch/snack into his backpack
Now:  remembers these items 90% of the time

Beginning:  would walk to class by himself
Now:  likes it when we drop him off at the curb and he goes in by himself

But getting dressed in the morning and getting out the door in a timely manner has been incredibly difficult.  Anyhow, what it boils down to is giving the kid a break.  He’s worked very hard to get where he is and I just need to back off a little and give him a bit of rest.  The trick is to do it in a manner that shows Rip that by me dressing him in the morning takes a way a bit of his independence that he so very much desires.  Oh, and me dressing Rip in the morning is enough of a kick start for him to finish getting ready for school.  The last 2 days have been AMAZINGLY easy and we have arrived to school on time (a bit early even).    We’re on spring break this week so it will be interesting to see what happens next week.

Appreciations – I’m not sure how, but this is somehow tied to the school thing.  Rip has been slacking big time on the appreciations and this is the kid that has come up with some pretty spectacular appreciations.  Anyhow, I had a plan in place to deal with the lack of appreciations but he kicked it into high gear at this last meeting so I’m assuming he’s just in a better state of mind since getting to school has been a bit easier.

Ok, hope to get a training timeline update posted before the end of the week.  I’ve learned lots since we started this!