No nagging, reminding, lecturing allowed!

Ok, it’s been a little over a year since we did DNSN and we’re back at it.  Just a quick reminder, this is the week where Kirk and I stop using any interfering strategies (nagging, reminding, lecturing, etc…) and focus on observing the kids and ourselves.  The point of this exercise is to break our nagging, reminding, etc… habits and focus on using enhancing strategies (more on what those are in a later post).  The other point is to take stock in where we are with our training.  What can the kids do that we have been doing for them?  What do the kids need practice with?  What do the kids need to be trained on?

So today is Day One of DNSN.  Kirk is very grateful that he is in Vegas for work for the first few days.  I am very grateful at how calm, almost zen-like I am regarding this event (last year we were basket cases!).  Kids did pretty well I must say.  AND I managed to keep my mouth shut when the urge to start reminding came up.

So, here are my observations from this morning:

– Ripken can totally make his lunch / snack on his own.  I did make his sandwich but he was in charge of the rest.

– Riley needs some training on food etiquette.  She likes to eat directly out of containers and then place partially eaten food back into said containers.

– Ripken has progressed from last year in that as he got in the car he, completely on his own, remembered that he didn’t have his backpack, snack or lunch.

– I fully expect people to be ready when I’m ready and my blood pressure rises when that doesn’t happen.  Would like to learn to get this a bit under control as I think the kids can sense my tension and it does nothing to get them moving forward.

Now it’s time to go off to the store and buy some tape for my mouth.  I promised the kids that if Kirk or I start in with the nagging, reminding, lecturing, they could tape our mouth’s shut.  And we may have to do this to ourselves at times 🙂