Last night and this morning were ugly.  We managed to get out of the hole enough last night and attempt a ‘do over’ but this morning I went right back into the hole, deeper than ever.  I’m going to use this post to remind myself of what an amazing child have and have that help me change my attitude/actions towards him…especially after he said these things to me this morning:

“everything I do makes you mad at me”

“I can’t do anything right”

Yep, I have NOT been parenting from my best.  Jumped straight out of DNSN, which if I want to be honest, I did not do so well either, and into the rabbit hole.  Ok, here’s my reminder of what an amazing son I have.

My son is hands down one of the best big brother’s I know.  He constantly loves on his sister, tries to teach her things, encourages her to play with him and won’t let other people pick on her.

Snow Day in Southern California

My son is loving.  He loves to cuddle with me in the morning and have some fun conversations about anything.

My son is smart.  He is book smart beyond my wildest dreams.  He loves to read and absorbs everything.  He then likes to turn around and teach his parents about what he just learned.

My son is creative.  He has an imagination that can take you into outer space to fight crazy aliens and then land at the bottom of the ocean to swim with the fish.  He can pick up a blank piece of paper and draw a machine that will some day rule the world.

My son is capable.  When he puts his mind to doing something, he works at it until he masters it.

My son counts.  This family would NOT be whole without him.

Ahhh…now to start over again.  I’m staying out of the deep, dark, ugly rabbit hole today!