This past week Kirk and I were supposed to identify up to 3 values and spend the week observing ourselves to see if we live our values…basically walk the walk not just talk the talk.

Well, I failed pretty miserably.  One of our values is Mutual Respect.  There were several incidences where I fell far short of showing my children mutual respect.  I’m hoping it was just holiday madness that derailed me but I’ll be focusing on this some more this week to see if I can use that excuse or if I have just been way off track all along.

Meanwhile, Kirk had an observation tonight that I missed.  I got into a classic power struggle with Rip.  After dinner I walked into the living room and announced that tv time was over for the night.  Rip said something like:  Just this one, it’s cool!  I said, just the intro and then the tv goes off and then Rip said ok.  I kid you not, this was almost identical to the example used in chapter 4 of the Parenting On Track home program.  Our power struggle was a little less heated, but the struggle was there none-the-less.  Note to self:  kids are SMART…I need to be more observant.

The other thing I’m trying to work on is not talking so much.  I need to get the duct tape back out, cover my mouth and let the kids manage themselves more.  Just this morning I kept my mouth shut and Rip managed to figure out how to get breakfast AND not be late for school.

I need to keep reminding myself that change happens over time, not overnight.