Ripken & Riley

Ok, so for two nights in a row now we have had some bathtub drama.

Night #1: Riley poops in the tub. Lots of screaming on Rip’s part. Riley looking like “What? What’s wrong?” Nice quote from Rip: “Look mommy, there’s 3 poops”

Night #2: Ripken vomits in the tub. No, he’s not ill, he just managed to swallow some bathtub water wrong (ugh!), started coughing and threw up his dinner. Riley, once again, looking like “What? What’s wrong?”

Now, the thing that bothers me most is that, for both instances, I was the parent home who had the pleasure of cleaning up the messes. Need to figure out how to have these things happen when I’m out of the house!

BTW, Night #1, we did not complete the bathing process…hair was not washed, bodies were just rinsed. However, on Night #2, I relocated the kids to Kirk’s and my bathtub. Shortly after putting the kids in the new tub and leaving to eat dinner with Kirk, Ripken comes running out (buck naked) to let me know that Riley turned on the shower and got his hair wet. I asked if he turned it off and he gives me a funny look and says, “No…it’s still running, can’t you hear it??” Sure enough, the shower was on and Riley was cowering in the corner trying to stay away from the spraying water. AND, after I finished eating, I go back to wash the kids and they had let all the water out of the tub and were getting out. Ugh…lots of wasted water that night!


Ripken has been such an especially good big brother lately. When Riley and I pick him up at school, Ripken runs over and makes sure to give Riley a big hug and then tells all his friends that Riley is his baby sister.

Then, yesterday, we all took a trip up to see Kirk’s new office. While we were walking down the hall, Riley started crying because she was falling behind. Ripken stopped, went back to Riley, told her it was ok and then held her hand while they walked down the hall together. Love it!

I think Riley is starting to talk. Still not a lot of actual words but we’re getting a few out of her now. Here’s a list of her vocabulary (that we know of):

No (her favorite by far)
what’s that (doesn’t articulate this one very well, but it is what she is saying)
slide (said this once for the nanny)
swing (said this once for the nanny)
outside (said this once for mommy)
uh-oh (another favorite)
Bumpa (said this for a whole day but doesn’t seem interested in it anymore)

She also likes to make animal noises but isn’t interested in naming the animals yet.

Ripken’s new favorite friend is the son of my good friend Michelle. Michelle and Ian live just a couple of miles away and Ian and Ripken go to the same Preschool. Earlier this week I picked up picked up Ian and Ripken from school and while we were driving, Ripken was telling Ian about the ‘Chocolate Fairy’ he visited in Pennsylvania. He was referring to the chocolate Factory so I got a good chuckle out of Rip talking about a fairy. However I got a full on belly laugh when Ripken was telling Ripken about the dark tunnel ride he took. Ian, very seriously, looked over at Rip and asked ‘Were you totally freaking out?’ Rip replied with a ‘Yes. I was freaking out.’ I’m not sure Rip even knows what ‘freaking out’ means! And they were both so serious about the conversation!

Yesterday, Rip shared with me that he wanted to marry me. I thought that was very sweet! Then he asked how we get married. Then he said he wanted to marry daddy too! Love it!

Next Monday is going to be the start of a new era. Monday is the day we start to ween Riley from the bottle! She doesn’t know it yet but she’s going cold turkey. And to make sure that us parents don’t cave…I’m throwing the bottles into the trash! Everyone keep your fingers crossed that this transition goes relatively quickly!!!

Rip wrote his first letter to Santa this weekend. His school has a mailbox set up to collect the letters and rumor has it Santa will be replying to all letters. Below is the letter (please note, Ripken dictated and Daddy wrote everything except for Rip’s signature).

Well, today was Riley’s 1st birthday!!! Not too much to say about this yet because we aren’t going to do our celebration until next weekend. Thankfully she’s too young to realize the delayed celebration. Now we just need to make sure no one mentions this to her when she’s old enough to care…ah hem…that means any one reading this blog 🙂

One other quick note, Riley actually wore her glasses for about 20 minutes or so at the park yesterday before feeling the need to rip them from her face. Since then she’s gone back to keeping them on for mere seconds, but it was pretty cool to see her wear them for a fairly long period of time!

Ok, so the biggest update we have has to do with Riley. Earlier this week Riley, Ripken and I went to go have our eyes checked. For Ripken and I this was a regular check up. For Riley, this was her first check up to determine if she inherited Mommy’s or Daddy’s eyes. Because Rip has perfect eye sight, I assumed the same would be for Riley. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Little Riley Bear inherited her Daddy’s bad eye sight. She has a fairly significant astimatism in both her eyes. Sometime next week Riley will be getting her first pair of glasses. Pictures will most definitely follow!

The other day Ripken’s friend Connor came over to play. Within a few minutes of playing together Connor told Ripken he wasn’t his friend…Ripken replied with a hit to the chest. Daddy took Ripken out of the room. Ripken started crying. Daddy told Ripken he need to apologize to Connor. Riken, through his tears, said VERY empahtically “No Daddy! Connor needs to apologize to ME!”

Riley is getting closer to walking every day. She loves to cruise all over the house and walk using her push toys. When we take her out into the cul-de-sac, she will play with her push toy for 20 minutes none stop. I’m wondering if the glasses are going to help her progress with the walking.

So we have been on a break from eating out at restaurants until Ripken can sit at the dinner table without getting up, playing with toys, use generally good table manners. Ripken has to go 5 days in a row exhibiting the wanted behavior before we will try eating out again. Since I don’t want to cook on Fridays we have been getting take out and bringing it home. Last Friday I picked up the kids from school and headed to Chick-fil-a drive thru to bring food home. When we got to the restaurant, Ripken said, “Mommy, I thought we were starting back at zero”. I chuckled and told him that was correct we were just going through the drive thru to bring food home. Then Ripken saw the indoor playscape at the restaurant and said “Mommy! I love that play thing!” I was hoping that the sight of the restaurant and playscape was going to get Rip all fired up and want to have good table manners so we could eat out again. Unfortunately, Rip is just as tenacious and stubborn as his parents so we will continue to do take out on Fridays…

The other day at breakfast, Ripken was playing with his toy cell phone, doing lots of pretend calls/conversatons. Then, completely out of the blue he says…”Daddy, when do I get to get a real cell phone?” Kirk & I just about lost it!

Oh my goodness! THe other day the kids were playing outside on the deck…Ripken cutting paper, Riley crawling everywhere. I was inside cooking dinner and would every so often poke my head out the door to make sure all was good. One time I looked out there and Ripken put on his guilty face. I left it alone thinking it must not be too bad because I didn’t see blood and there wasn’t any screaming. A short while later I actually walk outside to play for a few minutes and Rip came up to me to let me know that he cut Riley’s hair “just a little bit.” Sure enough, Riley’s pony tail was a little shorter now. So Rip and I talk about how scissors are for paper, not hair. Rip promises to never do that again. Mommy promises to take away the scissors if he does it again.

Fast forward 2 days. Mommy is doing a little email while the kiddos are playing. Lots of laughing, fun sounds coming from the other room so I’m not concerned. After a few minutes I go to check on everyone. Rip has a guilty look on his face and immediately hides his scissors behind his back. I go get Riley and sure enough, the pony tail is ALMOST GONE!!! As promised, Mommy takes away the scissors. Imagine lots of crying/screaming/general unhappiness on Rip’s part.

Oh, and as I’m putting Riley down for her nap, I also discovered that Rip had put a little blue marker on Riley’s head…

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