Here’s a fun new thing I came across recently. If you look in the right column of this blog you’ll see a new link called “Buddy Map”. Click on that and then add yourself. We’ll keep track of where all our friends and family live.



It has been quite rainy here this year which is a good and bad thing. Good because it keeps the temperatures down (haven’t hit 100 yet this year!). Bad because…well, sometimes too much of anything can be disastrous. A little town not too far from Austin received almost 20 inches of rain in 24 hours. That town is still recovering (and we still have more rain on the way). Austin is much better off but all the local lakes/rivers are closed because the waters have either become contaminated or are raging rapids. Below are some pictures of an area known as Red Bud Island. This is a little island designated for dog romping that we like to take Camden to. As you’ll see in the pictures, the island has essentially disappeared under the waters.

The trees in the background are trees on the island where we usually take Camden swimming. Obviously, not much of an island at this point…

Another view of the island from a little further down the bridge. Also gives you a better view of how high the water is on the bridge.

Here’s a picture of a bridge that is across the street from the dog island. Of course, I’m pretty sure bridges aren’t supposed to go into the water…

This picture is of one of the 7 damns in the water system in the Austin area. Right now all damns have all gates open in order to try and keep up with the amount of water coming through this area. This is a good picture of how fast the water is moving and, again, you can see how high the water is…well up into the trees.