Probably the most incredible thing that happened today was us getting out of the house and to karate almost on time.  The incredible thing is there was zero effort on my part to get Rip ready and into the car to leave.  I simply said if we were going to karate that we had to leave in 2 minutes and that Riley and I would be waiting in the car if he chose to go.  Rip then proceeded to his room, put on his karate pants (wore his school shirt) and met us in the car.  And the only reason we were late is because I lost track of time and didn’t get the 2 minute warning until it past the time when we should have left.  Now we did manage to lose a pair of socks at karate.  Rip wore his socks into class (no shoes, just socks), took them off and never thought of them again.  I mentally waved goodbye to the socks as we left karate.  He is now down to 6 pairs of socks.  I don’t have a formal plan but I do know that I will not be paying to replace lost articles of clothing…definitely not in the budget!

Rip did sneak in a nap on the ride to karate so we are anticipating it to be a late night for him.  He did elect to have books read to him but as I left his room he asked me to “shut the door.  All the way so I hear the click.”  We can hear him playing in his room right now.  I hope he’s not up too late.  Tomorrow is Friday and I’m really routing for him to remember his backpack/lunch/folder and if he’s too tired, there’s no way that will happen.  Trying to keep the faith!

On a more fun note, on the way home from karate Rip told me about Isabella..his girlfriend!  Apparently Rip draws Isabella pretty notes at school, thinks she is ‘pretty and cool’ and Isabella thinks Rip is ‘handsome’.  Oh my!  I had so much fun listening to him tell me this!!  I was so grateful he wanted to share!